Thursday, August 03, 2006


hi all! torty has already went to bed, so it's only me blogging for all for the night! :)

by the way, just for your info, torty and me have been good friends for years (we are both GIRLS and not interested in each other, gotta get it straight. haha!!).
hoonkee is attached, torty is still looking, any takers? heehee! :X

we shall not and won't be revealing much of our personal selves to the cruel and scary huge blogging world out there, too dangerous, i scared.
torty is torty cuz she loves tortoises, i am hoonkee cuz i love hoonkees. SO SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND. :)
we prefer anonymity. hehe..

well, i shall let you guys in on today's latest news about miss Labia. ya la, what else? she pissed us off again! BIGTIME OK! we is sibeh jin jia DULAN LOR!
she called me narcissistic! WHAT THE BANANA?! she is so fucking full of herself, she IS the narcissistic one! NOT ME!
and she said torty is a LAZY PERSON. who the hell is she to make such insensitive and not to mention, GROUNDLESS comments?
i know, she hates us. cuz, WE IS SMARTER.

in case you guys are wondering abt the relationship between us and miss Labia, oh well i don't wanna say too much la, juz take it that miss Labia is our superior.
i hate labia.

i totally hate it when her freaking labia starts flapping and churns out all sorta cheebye nonsense and ASSUMPTIONS about other people. SHE IS SO..... KNNBCCB!
she totally has no qualms about putting people down, *poof* like that! macam putting out cigarette butt! i think people like me put out real cigarette butts also nicer and gentler than her! but she is doing this 'snub out cigarette butt' attitude to PEOPLE, REAL HUMANS WITH FLESH.

she ought to be stuffed into sewage pipes! let her labia fucking DROWN with sewage waste then she know.

and i absolutely HATE the way she stands. SO GORGEOUS YOU KNOW.

don't believe? SEE FOR YOURSELF! hohoho....


torty wil do more blogging in the morning!
i'm out liao.................................

hoonkee signs off. :)


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